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This site is used for example purposes only. To find out how this site has been built and how to include the features contained in your own site, please go to the Major Confusion WebPlus tutorials page.

You are at the Major Confusion example Welcome page
Welcome! Ribbitt!

Welcome! Ribbitt!

This is where the main text for this page will be placed. It is made from a quick shape rectangle, given a lighter tint of the on page colour, a four pixel line of the contrasting colour and a very slight inner shadow. The lighter tone helps to provide a focal point for our page.


An HTML text box is then created to hold our text. Using an HTML text box ensures that the text will not be converted into curves (made into a picture). This enables search engines and screen readers to read the content of our page.


Above this section is placed a heading using our scheme’s contrasting colour, the two deco corners tie in with the page header and footer sections.


Adding a similar quick shape and HTML text box to the left completes the page.

Title goes here

This area could contain a list of the latest additions to the website.


It could form a mini ‘STOP PRESS’ type area.


This is a good place to add an RSS feed for regular visitors to add to their browser toolbar.